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Every day's journey should end with something sweet!

Tropical Leaves

This a classic love story with all of the right elements for modern times. A match made in heaven, a mutual love, a shared vision and relationship goals.


The match made in heaven was actually made online 1500 miles and eight states apart over the course of several years. The mutual love was to live and thrive in a small-town atmosphere with a sense of community. The shared vision was to leave behind the years of corporate hierarchy and impersonal work relationships to open a small business catering to family and community. The relationship goals are to provide welcoming friendly service to all guests while offering a premium line of unique and delicious offerings.


Jill Katz and Badge Siler met online via a dating app. After 18 months of dragging his feet, Badge invited Jill to visit. He was in northern Minnesota and she in Southwest Florida, and when she said yes to a January visit (75 degrees in Fort Myers to -25 degrees in Nisswa, MN), the deal was sealed. After five years of living and working at Grand View Lodge in Minnesota, they relocated from a small MN community to the even smaller town of Cashiers, NC, in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Deciding this was the perfect place to settle down, they decided to put their decades of restaurant and hospitality experience to work and open a business that they had frequently imagined during late night talks. 


The result is Crossroads Custard & Cold Brew, located at 45 Slabtown Road in the Slabtown Center. Serving 24 flavor premium frozen custard and homemade nitro cold brew coffee, the store also offers much more to our local and seasonal residents. The menu also offers healthy smoothies and smoothie bowls, homemade waffle sandwiches and frozen treats to grab and go, along with a selection of regional and sustainable retail merchandise. We embrace being part of a small town community and the healthy lifestyle it promotes. We look forward to welcoming you to Crossroads Custard & Cold Brew.

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